Second Hope Shop - Inventory
Second Hope Shop -  Quality Charity Thrift Store
We carry a wide range of products to suit a variety of budgets and tastes. Some of our popular products are shown below. Check out our facebook page or stop by for more information on our ever-changing inventory, for current promotions and special deals.

Clothes for the whole family
Long sleeve Shirts:$1.89
Sweaters: $2.49
Khakis/Slacks: $3.29
Jeans: $3.49
Hoodies and Jackets- indivdually priced
                      Dresses-      $3.99 and up



We even have a Boutique rack full of BRAND NEW clothing at just a FRACTION of the original price! Great gift idea! 

Household Miscellaneous 

Almost everything you can dream of, we are sure to have it!  


From sterling silver and 14 kt. gold, to costume, we have the perfect jewelry for 
all the women you know! 


Mens, Womens, Childrens, and Babies. All of our shoes are thoroughly checked and individually priced! 


Our furniture sectional changes almost EVERY day. There is often never the same thing in our store twice and if you see it today, you better get it! It may be GONE tomorrow! 


Our linen selection also changes everyday! Here at Second Hope we get all bed sizes and often complete sets! 



Our toy section comes with complete happiness to many children! All of our toys put out are in working order! 


Our book nook is snuck in a corner where you can spend countless hours picking out what books you want to read. And with our soft back books being 4 for $1.00 you just can sit and read for a while! 

Our inventory changes DAILY! We hope to see YOU soon to see what treasures you may find at Second Hope! 
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